Welcome to HyDragon Motor Company Ltd.

Bridging the gap to the Hydrogen economy.
Sketch; HyDragon
Business Idea:
HyDragon wants to contribute to cleaner air in polluted cities and to reduction of Green House Gases through the development, sales and distribution of highly efficient engines and generators that can utilise low emission fuels and renewable fuels.

Project Mission:
HyDragon is dedicated to demonstrate increased energy efficiency in a modern Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) converted to Methanol. The engine will be fitted with advanced Waste Heat Recovery Systems to improve the efficiency even further. Our Mission is to offer an alternative roadmap to the Fuel Cell route to the Hydrogen Economy.

HyDragon will primarily focus on individual or small scale engines and generators, based on the following characteristics:
  • Available and proven engine technology as a basis
  • Integrating and further develop the most efficient thermal energy systems available
  • Utilizing a liquid fuel with the highest hydrogen to carbon ratio possible
  • Utilizing an available liquid fuel that could be adapted to the existing fuel infrastructure
  • Offering an energy system that could penetrate emerging markets
  • Captializing on a fuel that can be produced from renewable resources across the globe
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