Market opportunities

In short, the market opportunities for HyDragon may be summarised as follows:

Market growth:
  • Increased demand for transportation in large cities
  • Increased energy consumption in developing markets

  • Global Warming attention:
  • Increased public concern regarding Global Warming and Local Air Pollution
  • International agreements aiming at reducing GHG and replacing conventional fuel with Biofuel

  • Premature Fuel Cell Technology:
  • Fuel Cells are likely to be too expensive for the global mass market in the foreseeable future

  • Pure Hydrogen gas challenges:
  • High energy consumption when producing pure Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas that in addition is difficult to transport and store

  • As a consequence of the global challenges and the market needs, we see a number of possible market segments and geographical regions for new, alternative engines and generators. However, we will focus on two main markets, both with significant international market potential.

    Sketch; HyDragon The Hybrid vehicle market:
    Hybrid vehicles utilize existing combustion engine (ICE) technology but allow the engines to operate on optimal conditions to generate electric power. The electricity is supplied to electric motors that actually drive the vehicle.

    Hybrid vehicles are especially attractive in urban driving cycles as the disadvantageous torque curve of a conventional ICE is replaced by a responsive curve of the electric engine.

    As such, a high efficiency, Methanol powered internal combustion engine could be an alternative to the traditional ICEs in hybrid vehicles. Targeted customers would be fleet operators such as e.g. bus companies.

    Geographically, the most attractive markets will be in Asia, where we are finding a growing demand for transportation, at the same time as local air pollution in large cities will be an increasing problem for a growing number of people.
    Sketch; HyDragon Distributed Power Generation:
    The market for distributed power generation is by many believed to expand significantly in the near future. Power generation units in the sub 1 MW receive significant interest mainly due to:
    • Improvement of Security of supply
    • Reduction in the need for grid reinforcement
    • Reduction in overall energy cost
    • Need for uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
    • Reduced risk for nature disaster from accidental spill during oil and diesel transportation
    A large share of the global population does not have access to electricity. Supplying smaller villages etc. in 3rd. world countries may represent a market opportunity. A key to success for a generator in this market is to offer affordable solutions that can operate in off- grid modes.

    Geographically, the potential market for power generators is probably largest in some of the fast growing Asian economies. Off grid installations in Europe, where environmentally friendly solutions are mandatory also represent a market opportunity. An example is touristic islands in the Mediterranean Sea, where oil spill while transporting diesel fuel may represent a natural and economic disaster.
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