The project

The research/ development project launched by HyDragon project consists of two main phases.

Phase 1: Concept verification:
The main purpose of Phase 1 is to conclude a full concept and system description including system and energy calculations as well as system simulations, so that the expected energy efficiency can be determined.

The target is to determine an optimized system heat integration (pinch) prior to Phase 2, when the actual engineering and testing will take place.

Phase 2: Engine rebuilding and testing:
An Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will be will be converted from conventional fuel to Methanol.

Thereafter, the engine will be modified and fitted with a Methanol Reformer, and alternative Waste Heat Recovery systems will be tested.

An electrical power generator will also be integrated, as the engine will produce electric power either for a stationary power consumption system or in a hybrid vehicle concept.

Emission tests will be performed in parallel to ensure that selected solutions prove to meet future international emission requirements.

HyDragon has access to advanced engine testing laboratories meeting our requirements for engine modifications, development and emission testing.
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